Ilabulo, Gorontalo's Typical Snack

What is Ilabulo?

If you visit and travel in Gorontalo. We will find one culinary origin from Gorontalo which is similar to Pepes. Even people who see it will think that this is pepes. This snack has a name, namely ilabulo, which is one of the typical snacks of Gorontalo. Its long and slightly dense shape can resemble the Pepes in Java. And one more thing that makes this snack even more similar to Pepes is the wrapper that uses banana leaves. This is what makes Ilabulo similar to Pepes. Even so, you don’t need to worry, even though it looks like pepper on the outside, it has a difference in the contents.

  • Ilabulo, Kudapan Khas Gorontalo
  • Ilabulo, Kudapan Khas Gorontalo
  • Ilabulo, Kudapan Khas Gorontalo

Enjoying the Delicacy of Ilabulo

When this snack is opened, the contents will be clearly different from the Pepes in Java. If in general Pepes in Java contains fish, it is different with Ilabulo. This food is made from a mixture of sago that has been given special spices to add to the delicious taste of sago. Then added with meat offal and chicken eggs as the contents of this snack. When you taste it, this snack has a slightly chewy and spicy texture which adds to the flavor of Ilabulo.

Ilabulo’s signature scent

Ilabulo is here to provide specialties from other culinary delights, which are made from sago in general. This snack has a banana leaf wrapper which is used to wrap the Ilabulo dough. Not only as a wrapper, but it aims to add aroma to this snack. The presentation process also has two ways that are commonly found, which can be burned on the stove or steamed. Although different presentations, but both are guaranteed with a special taste.

Where Are Many Found?

This snack is often found by traders who sell it around Jalan Diponegoro, Gorontalo City. When buying this Gorontalo specialty snack to be used as a souvenir, you don’t have to worry about stale problems. Ilabulo snacks can last two to three days without refrigeration. Not only that, as the month of Ramadan arrives, Ilabulo is much sought after by the surrounding community. When about to be served, the delicious aroma of freshly removed ilabulo from the kiln can arouse the stomach and increase appetite. Because of the delicious aroma of Ilabulo, many invaded.

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