Bambu Gila, Permainan Budaya Maluk

Crazy Bamboo, Maluku Cultural Game.

Traditional games are types of games from ancient times that have various types that are played. Each region must have its own characteristics of the game. One of them is in the Maluku region. A traditional game that has become a tradition in Maluku. But not just anyone can play it. His name is Crazy Bambu whose real name is Baramasewel.

This game existed before the spread of Islam and Christianity in Maluku. This game is very unique and different from the game in general. The uniqueness of this game lies in the mystical aura that is very thick in the game.

  • Bambu Gila, Permainan Budaya Maluk
  • Bambu Gila, Permainan Budaya Maluk
  • Bambu Gila, Permainan Budaya Maluk

Get to know the Crazy Bamboo Game

How to play Crazy Bamboo is quite easy. The players just hug the bamboo and hold back the bamboo which makes the player’s body shake according to the handler’s wish. Before it can be played, Crazy Bamboo will be given incense smoke first by the handler. This handler will carry the incense using a coconut shell container. Then, the incense smoke will be put into the bamboo slats. Well, from this process what distinguishes it from the game in general.

Giving the incense is one of the most important processes before the game begins. This process is an attempt to invite the magical aura to enter the bamboo and move the bamboo. When the handler manages to insert the incense, the bamboo will move by itself. It is said that the louder the sound of the music, the more the bamboo moves, the more it shakes the players.

Throughout the game the handler will continue to recite the “hai baramasuwel” mantras, until the bamboo continues to move and will stop when the handler orders it to stop.

The reason is, these crazy bamboo players are the chosen people and not just anyone can play them. There are generally 7 players. Not only that, the players are required to be bare-chested and wear all-red attributes, including pants and headbands. While the bamboo itself, not from just any bamboo. Instead, using bamboo taken from the forest and has gone through a ritual process. The bamboo used is about 3 meters long or more. Then the ends of the two bamboos will be tied with cloth and treated in a special way.

That’s the traditional game of the archipelago originating from the land of Maluku. The name is Crazy Bamboo, a game source from Maluku culture which is very thick with its mystical aura.

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