Langara Hill, The Perfect Blend Of River And Hills – Besides being famous for its unique tourist attraction, namely Bamboo Rafting, it also has other beauty charms that are no less unique and interesting to visit. The beauty of the Amandit River which is located in Loksado District, South Hulu Sungai Regency, South Kalimantan, besides being able to be enjoyed by rafting attractions can also be enjoyed from a height. Visitors can enjoy the natural beauty of Loksado from a height by climbing Langara Hill. The hill, which has begun to be crowded in the last two years, is located in Lumpangi Village, Loksado District and is about 10 km from Kandangan City (the capital of Hulu Sungai Selatan Regency).

The trekking time needed to get to the top of this rock hill is about 30-60 minutes, depending on the physical condition of each visitor. Previously, visitors would first walk through teak plantations chosen by local residents. The red dirt path in this garden has a fairly steep and slippery slope. The condition of this dirt road will be even more slippery during the rainy season. Shortly after following the slippery red dirt track, the next track is karst rocks that are sharp and steep. Some points of the path also require us to cover the rocks which are next to the side of a steep and deep ravine. Here, visitors must be extra careful in choosing a foothold, because even a little carelessness can have fatal consequences later. Therefore, it is recommended for visitors to use appropriate footwear because the track is slippery and the rocks are quite sharp.

After climbing quite tired, on the right side you will immediately be greeted by a dashing view of Ketawang Hill wrapped in lush trees. Below it is also seen the flow of the Amandit River which looks beautiful dividing the hills. The beautiful blend of rivers and hills is truly amazing and soothing to the eye. Very comparable to the effort made to reach the top of the hill.

From a distance, the Meratus Mountains are ± 600 km² which stretches beautifully. Decorated with lush green trees, it makes the 360-degree panorama from the top of Langara Hill perfect. With its beautiful charm, this hill is also a favorite spot to watch the beauty of sunrise and sunset from a height.

Access to Location

Quite far before arriving at Loksado, there is an intersection which if straight leads to Loksado and if to the right will lead to Batulicin District. Next, point your vehicle towards Batulicin. Not long after, not far from the bend there was a sign indicating that we were not far from the Langara Hill basecamp. You can park your vehicle near the Habib Lumpangi Tomb area.

Entrance Ticket Price (HTM)

Visitors will be charged a motor vehicle parking fee of 5,000 rupiah for motorbikes, while 10,000 rupiahs for private cars.


There are several stalls around the hill location, but visitors should bring snacks, especially drinks beforehand. Visitors are also reminded not to throw garbage around tourist sites. It is also forbidden to leave anything other than footprints and take anything other than photos.

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