Banjar Traditional Houses, South Kalimantan

Peek at the Uniqueness of Banjar Traditional Houses, South Kalimantan – Indonesia is indeed rich in nature and culture. Each region has a natural charm and cultural richness that is unique and different from one another. Likewise with South Kalimantan which has a traditional house of the Banjar Tribe which is quite unique.

For those of you who like cultural tourism and want to explore the culture in South Kalimantan, you can visit the Teluk Selong Cultural Conservation located in Telok Selong Village, Banjar Regency. In this village there are still 2 legendary traditional banjar houses that are quite old, namely 150 years and are still inhabited by the original owners. The two types of traditional houses are the traditional house of the Baliku Elephant and Bumbungan Tinggi.

The Banjar house that uses the Bubungan Tinggi roof is called the Bubungan Tinggi House. This type of house is the type of house with the highest value among other types of typical Banjar houses because it is the type of house that is used as the residence of the king in a central center of residence. That’s why the Bubungan Tinggi house has become the icon and mascot of the traditional Banjar house because this house is the most famous among other types.

For an explanation of the building, the Bubungan Tinggi roof is located between the Pisang Sasikat roofs that cover the two Anjung. The front of the Bubungan Tinggi roof is called the Sindang Langit roof, while behind the Bubungan Tinggi roof it is called the Hambin Awan roof. It is different with the Baliku Elephant house whose roof in front of the Bubungan Tinggi roof is called the Gajah roof (shield roof).

While the Baliku Elephant house is one of the traditional houses of the Banjar tribe (Banjar house) which has similarities to the Bubungan Tinggi House. However, there is a slight difference that lies in the layout of the living room, namely in the Paluaran Room (living room) at the Bubungan Tinggi House, the floor is tiered, while at the Baliku Elephant House, the Paluaran room floor is not tiered. This is because the Bubungan Tinggi House for the Sultan’s palace/ndalem building has a hierarchical spatial value system.

At the Baliku Elephant House, the roof of the Paluaran / Living Room does not use a roof (Sindang Langit Roof) except for the front porch and uses horses with a shield roof (= Elephant Roof) with a flat floor condition only so as to produce a building shape that is it’s called Take Up. While on both platforms they both use the Banana Sasikat roof (the roof is covered).

Access to Location

Teluk Selong Cultural Heritage, Banjar Regency is located about 4 km from the east of Banjarmasin City and 3.2 km from Martapura City. Navigate your vehicle from downtown Banjarmasin to Martapura City. You can ask the local community for the next direction to get to Teluk Kelong Village.

Entrance Ticket Price (HTM)

Free, no charge. However, you should fill out the guest book and give as much money as you can to help maintain traditional house buildings, which are national assets that we must help protect and preserve.

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