Traditional House

Banjar Traditional Houses, South Kalimantan
Culture helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian Kalimantan South Kalimantan Architecture

Peek at the Uniqueness of Banjar Traditional Houses, South Kalimantan – Indonesia is indeed rich in nature and culture. Each region has a natural charm and cultural richness that is unique and different from one another. Likewise with South Kalimantan which has a traditional house of the Banjar Tribe which is quite unique. For those of you who like cultural tourism and want to […]

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Samalantan Landscape House
Culture helloindonesia House Tribe Indonesia Indonesian Kalimantan West Kalimantan Art

Samalantan Landscape House, Place of Dayak Religious Activities – This house is a place to hold religious activities and traditional ceremonies in dango when the harvest season arrives. This is the Samalantan landscape house, a kind of stilt house built 120 feet deep embedded directly into the ground. Samalantan’s span house is located between the Bengkayang-Singkawang Province lines. The location of the […]

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Sessat House
Culture helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian Lampung Sumatra Architecture Art

Distinctive Sessat House Lampung – When visiting Lampung, it is very easy to find traditional houses that stand on either side of the road. Traditional houses on stilts are usually made of wood and have large poles. This is sessat, the provincial traditional house that is identical to elephants. It’s just that, as time goes by, many houses […]

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Baghi House
Culture helloindonesia History Indonesia Indonesian Nusantara South Sumatra Sumatra Architecture Art

Baghi House, Besemah Traditional House – The archipelago has long been inhabited by indigenous peoples from various ethnic groups. No wonder Indonesia has a variety of scripts, languages, lifestyles, traditional clothes, to traditional houses from various regions. Among the diversity of the archipelago’s wealth, traditional houses are the foremost benchmarks. That describe the culture of an ethnic group. Not […]

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Learn more about Tabuik in the Tabuik House – Stilt houses on Jalan Syech Burhanuddin and Jalan Imam Bonjol, Kota Pariaman, West Sumatra, stand out from other buildings. When 1-10 Muharam arrived, this house was used for the making of Tabuik. That is the embodiment of a buroq carrying Husein bin Ali’s body flew into the sky and disappeared. Divided into two […]

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Rumoh Aceh
Aceh Culture helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian Architecture

Rumoh Aceh, Aesthetic and philosophical Home – Indonesia is so rich. Not only language, traditional clothes, and traditions, every province in Indonesia has their own custom homes. The contours and weather of each region more or less affect the shape of traditional houses, of course without eliminating the aesthetic values ​​of these traditional houses. If in Papua there is a […]

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Rumah Kaki Seribu
Culture helloindonesia House Tribe Indonesia Indonesian Papua Tribe

Thousand-foot house Typical Arfak tribe – It turns out that not only animals have a thousand legs, there are also houses with thousand legs. This is the traditional house of the Arfak tribe, West Papua, named Mod Aki Aksa or Igkojei and better known as the Thousand Foot House. Typically, houses on stilts have a foundation pole that is […]

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Ceremony Culture helloindonesia House Tribe Indonesia Indonesian Tradition Tribe Architecture culinary

Orom Sasadu, Tradition of the Sahu Tribe Eating Party in Jailolo – The Jailolo community in West Halmahera Regency, North Maluku, has a unique harvest party tradition. The tradition of a joint meal party is called Orom Sasadu. Orom means eating, while sasadu means traditional house. The Sahu community holds Orom Sasadu twice a year. The first ritual is usually held in January after finishing […]

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Culture helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian West Java Art Dance

Ronggeng Gunung, Traditional Arts Community of Ciamis-Pangandaran – Ronggeng Gunung art grows and develops in Ciamis and Pangandaran, West Java. In the past, this traditional dance was performed to welcome guests visiting the Galuh Kingdom. After the collapse of the Kingdom of Galuh, the art of mountain ronggeng changed its function, which was held on various celebratory occasions, including at wedding […]

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Culture helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian South Sulawesi Tribe Architecture

Get Closer with Bubohu Traditional Village in Gorontalo – The life of Indonesian people is very closely related to religion. Even in some areas there are many locations that are used as spiritual tourist sites for followers of various types of religions in Indonesia. Just mention Mahmud Village in Bandung Regency, Buntu Burake in Tana Toraja Regency, and Sendangsono in Kulonprogo, Yogyakarta. […]

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