Helloindonesia.id – The Jailolo community in West Halmahera Regency, North Maluku, has a unique harvest party tradition. The tradition of a joint meal party is called Orom Sasadu. Orom means eating, while sasadu means traditional house.

Orom Sasadu

The Sahu community holds Orom Sasadu twice a year. The first ritual is usually held in January after finishing planting. In the ritual, only a small meal was held which did not involve many people.

After the harvest, a big meal will be held. Usually in August. Although in the last few years, Orom Sasadu was held around May in the series of Jailolo Bay Festival events.

According to the original beliefs of the Sahu Tribe, the holding of the Sasadu Orom ritual will bring abundant results in the following harvest season.

One of the unique rituals of Sasadu Orom is its duration which can be very long. In the past, this ritual lasted 7 days 7 nights, 5 days 5 nights, 3 days 3 nights, or just overnight, depending on the yield obtained. The number of days of the ritual must be odd.

In the past, the ritual of eating together was very magical. During the event that lasted for days, those who celebrated did not feel sleepy despite not sleeping at all. They don’t feel full, even though they eat constantly while singing and dancing.

They are also not drunk, even though they drink a lot of ciu (traditional liquor in West Halmahera). Drinking ciu is a must for everyone present at this custom event.

There used to be an antique plate. The food placed on the plate will not be stale even for days. According to the Chairman of the Tribe of Sahu Thomas Salasa, the last 7 days 7 nights ritual was held in 1963. Antique plates were still there at that time. At present, Orom Sasadu is only held overnight.

One of the typical foods served at this joint meal is cala rice or twin rice. Rice wrapped in banana leaves is cooked by burning using bamboo.

There is a special meaning behind this traditional menu. Twin rice symbolizes peace, unity, and mutual cooperation and mutual help between the Sahu Talai Tribe and Sahu Padisuwa.

Thus, the tradition that has been hundreds of years old also has a function to unite the community and maintain the peace of the local area.

The Orom Sasadu ritual was opened by the customary leader. The people present were then invited to taste the dishes that were served, complete with ciu drinks.

The meal together will be accompanied by strings of musical instruments gong and tifa. The interlude of Sara Dabi-dabi and Legu Salai dances will further add to the vibrant atmosphere.

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