Helloindonesia.id – The Asmat tribe is known as one of the great tribes in Papua that has extraordinary local wisdom. They have great respect for the nature and lives of their predecessors. Like other tribes in Papua, this respect is usually shown in various arts they have such as dances, songs, and wood carvings typical of Asmat. One of the results of the arts that are strikingly possessed by the Asmat tribe is the stunning headdress.

papal tribal headdress asmat

The decoration or crown typical of the Asmat tribe does not have a special name. The Asmat community called it only as a decoration or crown that they considered part of traditional clothing. The shape of this crown actually resembles a woven sago leaf that can be tied to the head. Some bird feathers are installed around the plaits and become accessories that beautify the crown. These feathers are taken from birds that have significance for the Asmat tribe such as Cassowary or white Cockatoo. Like these birds, this crown is also important for the Asmat people.

This ornate crown is part of the Asmat tribal traditional clothing placed above the head, the highest place of the human body. This gives a meaning that the Asmat people put the highest respect for the nature that has given them life. Crown construction derived from natural objects is a symbol of the natural forces that shade the life of the Asmat tribe. In addition, for the Asmat people, especially men, this crown is a tribute to the spirits of their ancestors and ancestors. They believe that everything that sticks to their body will have a big influence on the life they live.

The Asmat chief’s decoration was not often reviewed in various studies. Generally, the researchers discussed the Asmat tribe’s traditional clothes as a whole and were not specific because basically their clothes and attributes had meanings and functions that were not much different. This headdress is widely used in traditional events like traditional clothes used in the body. So, the Asmat men will wear this headdress when there are certain ceremonies and when they hold a dance.

The existence of this headdress cannot be separated from the life of the Asmat people. This crown is like a symbol that shows their identity to the world. In addition, this crown is an embodiment of the local wisdom possessed by the Asmat tribe towards their nature and ancestors. This decoration is not just decoration, but one value that continues to make this tribe survive today. This crown has an important meaning for the existence and identity of the Asmat people.

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