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Beumban, Begorok, and Rangga Titi
Culture helloindonesia House Tribe Indonesian Tribe

Beumban, Begorok, and Rangga Titi – After the release ceremony of the dragon -carrying group to Kutai Lama was completed, a number of rituals were held around the Kutai Palace. The rituals are consecutive, namely beumban, begorok, and rangga titi. The whole ritual will be a prelude before the belimbur ritual is performed by all Kutai residents. In the […]

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Gawi Lampung
Culture helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian Lampung Sumatra Tradition Tribe

Lampung traditional Gawi – Each region has a tradition, and each tradition must leave its own story. Celebration ceremonies are usually outlined in various forms including in Lampung. Lampung Traditional Ceremony to celebrate the rituals of life, both celebrating birth, before marriage or other moments in life. One of the goals of this traditional ceremony is as […]

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Tanjung Pendam
Bangka Belitung helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian Sumatra Nature Beach

Tanjung Pendam Beach, in the City Center of Belitung – Maybe this is the most famous beach in the center of Belitung City. Its location in Tanjung Pandan makes this beach a target for Belitung residents who want to relax and enjoy sunset on the beach. Tanjung Pendam Beach is indeed the pride of residents who live in the center of the Laskar […]

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Bong Li Piang
Bangka Belitung Culture helloindonesia History Indonesia Indonesian Sumatra culinary

Bong Li Piang, Sweetness of Bangka Island Special Cake – Hearing the culinary name of Bong Li Piang. Surely what is in your mind is that this food comes from China. But make no mistake, it turns out that this one snack comes from their own country. Precisely on the island of Bangka, Bangka Belitung. History of Bong Li Piang Cake The origin […]

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Pengadangan, Ogan
Culture helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian South Sumatra Sumatra Tribe

Pengadangan, Ogan Traditional Marriage Tradition – The archipelago community knows various traditions around marriage. Considering that marriage is an important thing and is considered sacred in the life cycle of humans. Including the Ogan people. This tribe who inhabits the highlands of South Sumatra. Is familiar with a tradition surrounding ancestral marriages called the “Pengadangan” tradition. “Pengadangan” is a […]

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Beruji Doll Dance
Bengkulu Culture helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian News Sumatra Travel Traveling Tribe Dance

Beruji Doll Dance, Dance Combination with Doll Play – If in West Sumatra there is a tradition called Tabuik, then in South Sumatra there is a tradition called Tabot. Similar to tabuik, tabot is also an activity organized in commemoration of the death of the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad in Bengkulu. Tabot ceremony is filled with various arts from Bengkulu, one […]

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Traditional Bengkulu Drum festival
Bengkulu Culture helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian Sumatra Art

Dol, Beat of Traditional Bengkulu Drum Rhythm – The beat of the rhythmic beat of the wasps of this musical instrument is able to provide its own excitement. The spirit of harbor from this one musical instrument usually makes every performance come alive and vibrant. This is dol, a typical drum from Bengkulu, which is usually played in a roll. As […]

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Culture helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian Riau Sumatra Tribe

The Sakai tribe lives in harmony with nature – Sakai is one of the tribes that inhabit the inland areas of Riau on the island of Sumatra. The ancestors of the Sakai tribe are believed to have come from Pagaruyung, a Malay kingdom that once existed in West Sumatra. In the past, the Sakai tribe had a nomadic pattern of life, moving […]

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Culture Indonesia Indonesian Sumatra West Sumatra Art

Naras Traditional Embroideries Entering the International Market – Embroidery is one of the mainstays of the economic sector in Kota Pariaman. Talking about this embroidery craft, it is incomplete if you don’t mention the name of a village that is the center of its production. The name of the village is Naras or Nareh in the local dialect. For decades, Naras […]

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Culture helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian Sumatra West Sumatra culinary

Gajeboh Gulai, Enjoy the Typical Culinary of Padang – Padang’s special cuisine has been famous for its enjoyment in Indonesia. Names such as rendang meat, curry tukung, tambunsu curry are a type of culinary that is very popular among culinary lovers in this country. In addition to these names, there is another type of Minang culinary that is no less delicious, namely […]

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