Helloindonesia.id – Padang’s special cuisine has been famous for its enjoyment in Indonesia. Names such as rendang meat, curry tukung, tambunsu curry are a type of culinary that is very popular among culinary lovers in this country. In addition to these names, there is another type of Minang culinary that is no less delicious, namely curry curry.

Gajeboh Gulai
Gajeboh Gulai

Gajeboh curry which is also known as brisket is made from beef. The portion of beef taken for this curry is the part of the cow hump which almost all parts of the meat have chewy fat. Not infrequently, crazy is touted as the most delicious food in Padang as well as being an enemy of many people because of the risk of raising cholesterol levels.

There is something unique about this well-known delicious food, the 3-level classification given by the fans of Gajeboh Gulai. First, it is quite savory, that is, if gajebo meat is more than gajih (meat fat). Second, savory, i.e. if the lard is more than meat. Finally, it is very tasty, that is, if everything consists of lard.

For culinary lovers who have cholesterol talent should not consume too much curry curry. This culinary can immediately have an effect like the nape of the neck feels heavy after we taste a dish that is so tempting for anyone to enjoy it.

To be able to enjoy gajeboh curry is not difficult, in Padang many restaurants offer gajeboh curry like in the Seagrass Ombak Restaurant which has many branches there. While in Jakarta itself, this curry can be found at Sepakat Restaurant located in Blok M, South Jakarta or it can also be at Sabana Gajebo Restaurant in Pramuka Area, East Jakarta.

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