Lompong Sago, Minang Distinctive Cake that Starts Rare


Lompong sagu, lompong sagu begula lawang
di tengah-tengah kelapa muda
sedang suka, sedang suka diambil orang
saya juga, saya juga yang kehilangan

That is about a small piece of song lyrics that have pieces of words about sago cake. The lyrics, which tell the story of unrequited love, depict a sago cake with a coconut in the middle.

Lompong Sagu
Lompong Sagu

Sago toothless cake is a typical Minang cake that is rarely found. The cake, which is made from sago flour which is stirred together with kepok bananas, santen, coconut, and palm sugar, has a sweet flavor. This cake is made by baking over coals to have the distinctive aroma of the rest of the roasting. Warm, this cake is wrapped in banana leaves and ready to be enjoyed.

This brownish-colored cake at a glance looks like a typical betawi cucumber cake, but the aroma of this cake feels more tempting when just going through the roasting process. A combination of sweet and slightly savory taste with a chewy texture makes this cake taste so delicious when our tongue feels it.

Sago sumpong cake is one of the traditional cakes that has become a culinary wealth owned by Indonesia. Its existence which has begun to be hard to find makes this cake a hunted culinary connoisseurs when visiting West Sumatra.

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