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Helloindonesia.id – Stilt houses on Jalan Syech Burhanuddin and Jalan Imam Bonjol, Kota Pariaman, West Sumatra, stand out from other buildings. When 1-10 Muharam arrived, this house was used for the making of Tabuik. That is the embodiment of a buroq carrying Husein bin Ali’s body flew into the sky and disappeared.

Divided into two parts, Tabuik is made of bamboo and rattan decorated with black and red velvet cloth. Before being paraded towards Gondariah Beach, Tabuik was first made and assembled in a building called the Tabuik Pasa House and the Subarang Tabuik House.

Tabuik House
Tabuik House

Tabuik’s house is made of wood in the form of a house on stilts. Imitating the traditional style of a coastal community home in Pariaman and was inaugurated on April 9, 2011 by the Director General of Tourism Destination Development.

Each Tabuik House has the same function, namely as making Tabuik and Tabuik Museum.

Every year, the top of the tower-shaped Tabuik with colorful decorations is made in one of the Tabuik Houses. While the lower part in the form of a winged horse and a human head symbolizes a buroq built at another Tabuik House.

The two Tabuik will be paraded around the city and end up on the Gondariah Coast to be dumped into the sea. This illustrates the death of Hussein who was killed by Ubaidillah bin Zaid’s forces on 10 Muharam 61 Hijri and his body was carried by the buroq flying into the sky.

As a museum, Rumah Tabuik documents photographs of Tabuik celebrations from time to time. From 1920 to the following years, a portrait of Tabuik’s past can be seen here. In addition, there are also mockups that describe the Tabuik event process complete with detailed description of the process.

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