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Pos Vandreng Hilltop, Dutch Colonial History in Bengkayang – This post was used by the Dutch to spy on Japanese troops who wanted to usurp power from their hands. Founded around 1939 – 1942, this post became the Dutch military center in Bengkayang. This is the Vandreng Hilltop Post located in Serukam Hamlet, Definite Village, Salamantan District, Bengkayang, West Kalimantan. The Bukit […]

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Dayak Culture in the Museum of West Kalimantan – If you want to see the ins and outs of Dayak culture that lives in West Kalimantan, this museum might be worth a visit. West Kalimantan Provincial Museum, a museum that holds a collection of typical Dayak tribes such as the house built, stumbling blocks, and various types of typical sculptures of the […]

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Gambus Music
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Gambus, History of Middle Eastern Art in Sumatra – Lute is a traditional musical instrument commonly found in Malay society. This instrument is played by plucking like a harp or guitar. The body part of the gambus is shaped like a pumpkin that is halved with three to 12 strings. There are some strings in the form of single strings and some […]

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Monpera Monument
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Monpera Monument Long History of People's Struggle – After the proclamation of Indonesian independence. Various regions in the archipelago were still experiencing upheaval in the Dutch military aggression II. As happened in Palembang in December 1946, the Dutch who violated the demarcation line sparked the battle. Pressed by the resistance of nationalist fighters, they asked for help, which in turn made […]

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Fort de Kock
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Fort de Kock Castle the Paderi War History – In addition to its natural and culinary attractions, the City of Bukittinggi has many relics from the Dutch East Indies government which are historical tourist attractions. In addition to the Clock Tower which became an icon of the city and the home of the birth of the Proclaimer Bung Hatta, the city also […]

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Buya Hamka Birthplace, Important figure in Indonesia – The trip to Lake Maninjau was incomplete without visiting the home of a great cleric from Minangkabau, Buya Hamka. This historic house is on the edge of the lake, precisely in Muaro Pauh Village, Nagari Sungai Batang, Tanjung Raya District, Agam. The location, which is now functioned as a museum, is a repository […]

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Learn more about Tabuik in the Tabuik House – Stilt houses on Jalan Syech Burhanuddin and Jalan Imam Bonjol, Kota Pariaman, West Sumatra, stand out from other buildings. When 1-10 Muharam arrived, this house was used for the making of Tabuik. That is the embodiment of a buroq carrying Husein bin Ali’s body flew into the sky and disappeared. Divided into two […]

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The beginnings of Indonesian aerospace history – History proves, Aceh became the most difficult archipelago territory to be conquered by the Dutch East Indies Colonial Government. Evidently, Tanah Rencong became the last area to surrender to the Dutch colonialism. And even then only materialized after decades of failure and great losses in overthrowing the Sultanate of Aceh. Aside from history […]

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Benteng Inong
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Benteng Inong Balee, History of Aceh Women's Struggle – For you lovers of conventional tourism, Inong Balee Fortress may not be one of the favorite places. Besides its location which is quite far in remote Bukit Soeharto, Krueng Raya, the terrain that must be taken is quite hard. The only reason that makes this object worthy of your stay is a view […]

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Weh Island
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History of Japanese Occupation on Weh Island – In its historical trajectory, Pulau Weh is one of the strategic points in the Malacca Strait. Its right position at the crossroads between the Indian Ocean and the Malacca Strait makes it an ideal stopover for commodity exchange traffic from Europe, India and the Middle East with East Asia. Therefore, long before Temasek […]

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