Helloindonesia.id – History proves, Aceh became the most difficult archipelago territory to be conquered by the Dutch East Indies Colonial Government. Evidently, Tanah Rencong became the last area to surrender to the Dutch colonialism. And even then only materialized after decades of failure and great losses in overthrowing the Sultanate of Aceh. Aside from history being recorded as the most difficult area to conquer, Aceh is also one of the regions that has contributed greatly to Indonesia’s struggle for independence.

Seulawah RI-001 Monument
Seulawah RI-001 Monument

The Seulawah RI-001 monument, located in Blang Padang Square, Baiturrahman District, Banda Aceh, witnesses the historical contribution of the people of Aceh in supporting the government to uphold the sovereignty of the newly established Republic of Indonesia at the time.

During the period of Dutch military aggression in 1948, rapid distribution of logistics between regions was needed. Air transportation is the solution to overcome the enemy blockade that obstructs road access. This was realized by President Soekarno who then initiated fundraising for the purchase of government transport aircraft. This effort was responded very well by the Aceh merchants.

Seulawah RI-001 is a DC-3 type aircraft, the production of the Douglas Aircraft Company. With a body length of 19.66 meters and a wing span of 28.96 m, the aircraft is capable of performing nonstop flights as far as 2,430 km. Both wings are equipped with Pratt & Whitney engines with a weight of 8030 kg which is able to bring this aircraft to fly with a maximum speed of up to 346 km / hour. The aircraft, which began mass production in 1936, is still used by many international airlines for decades.

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Seulawah RI-001 Monument

The Seulawah RI-001 Monument is a replica of the Seulawah RI-001 aircraft which was established on the initiative of the Indonesian Air Force. The monument that now stands in Blang Padang Field, Banda Aceh was inaugurated by ABRI commander General L.B. Moerdani on July 30, 1984. On the door located on the rear left side of the plane there was the inscription ‘RAJJAT ATJEH’. There is also an inscription on the aircraft supporting poles, containing a history of the history of the RI-001 aircraft and the assignments it has carried.

In addition, on the right side of the front of the marble altar there is another inscription that reads a statement that this monument is an appreciation of the TNI for the services of the people of Aceh.

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