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A Brief History of the Youth Oath of October 28

Helloindonesia.id – Indonesia commemorates the 93rd Youth Pledge Day on October 28, 2021. This year, the commemoration of Youth Pledge Day carries the theme United, Rise and Grow. Minister of Youth and Sports (Menpora) of the Republic of Indonesia, Zainudin Amali said the theme was taken with the hope that it could be a momentum […]

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National farmer’s day 24 september

Helloindonesia.id – Have you ever thought about where the sources of food that you consume everyday come from? The food provided by your mother at the dinner table, the food you usually order via online motorcycle taxis, the food that you two girlfriends eat, or the healthy juices you drink every day? Farmer! Yes, Farmer. […]

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Mulawarman Museum
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Mulawarman Museum, Captures the Traces of 700 Years of Civilization

Helloindonesia.id – A trip to Tenggarong will not be complete without a stop at the Mulawarman Museum. Here we can learn a glimpse of the history of the sultanate that once triumphed for approximately 7 centuries and controlled most of the Kutai Kertanegara area, East Kalimantan. In this museum building that once functioned as the […]

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Pos Vandreng Hilltop, Dutch Colonial History in Bengkayang

Helloindonesia.id – This post was used by the Dutch to spy on Japanese troops who wanted to usurp power from their hands. Founded around 1939 – 1942, this post became the Dutch military center in Bengkayang. This is the Vandreng Hilltop Post located in Serukam Hamlet, Definite Village, Salamantan District, Bengkayang, West Kalimantan. The Bukit […]

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Equator Monument
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Equator Monument, Icon of History of Pontianak City

Helloindonesia.id – Pontianak City is identical with the equator. The city is one of the cities that passed the equator, zero degrees latitude or commonly referred to as the equator. In this city a tower was built which was named the Equator Monument, a tower built by a geographic expedition team led by a Dutch […]

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Amantubillah Palace, Seeing Remnants of Mempawah Kingdom’s Glory

Helloindonesia.id – Amantubillah Palace stands firmly in Pulau Pedalaman Village, East Mempawah District, West Kalimantan. This palace was built during the reign of Gusti Jamiril. Who had the title Panembahan Adi Wijaya Kesuma (1761 – 1787) who was the 3rd sultan of the Mempawah Sultanate. Amantubillah Palace has a dominant light green color. Once set […]

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Dayak Culture in the Museum of West Kalimantan

Helloindonesia.id – If you want to see the ins and outs of Dayak culture that lives in West Kalimantan, this museum might be worth a visit. West Kalimantan Provincial Museum, a museum that holds a collection of typical Dayak tribes such as the house built, stumbling blocks, and various types of typical sculptures of the […]

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Andrea Hirata Museum
Bangka Belitung Culture helloindonesia History History Indonesia Indonesian Nusantara Sumatra Architecture

Andrea Hirata Word Museum

Helloindonesia.id – Coming to this museum, visitors will be invited to take a tour of the Laskar Pelangi novel. Starting from page-by-page footage of the best-selling novel until it was appointed as a very best-selling film in Indonesia. The Andrea Hirata Word Museum is located on Jalan Raya Laskar Pelangi No.7, Gantong, East Belitung. The […]

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Burung Mandi Beach
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The History of Dutch Arrival at Burung Mandi Beach

Helloindonesia.id – This beach has been known by Europeans since the 17th century. In fact, from this beach, the Netherlands and European companies conducted tin mining in secret around 1770-1780 – before finally claiming to find tin on Belitung Island on June 28, 1851. This is Burung Mandi Beach. The beach which is a requirement […]

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Monpera Monument
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Monpera Monument Long History of People's Struggle

Helloindonesia.id – After the proclamation of Indonesian independence. Various regions in the archipelago were still experiencing upheaval in the Dutch military aggression II. As happened in Palembang in December 1946, the Dutch who violated the demarcation line sparked the battle. Pressed by the resistance of nationalist fighters, they asked for help, which in turn made […]

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