Equator Monument

Helloindonesia.id – Pontianak City is identical with the equator. The city is one of the cities that passed the equator, zero degrees latitude or commonly referred to as the equator. In this city a tower was built which was named the Equator Monument, a tower built by a geographic expedition team led by a Dutch geographer.

The Equator Monument is located on Jalan Khatulistiwa, District of North Pontianak, West Kalimantan. Towards this monument can be taken about 30 minutes from the center of Pontianak. This monument was built in 1928 using astronomy. Measurements made by geographers at that time without using sophisticated tools such as satellites and GPS. These experts only stick to lines that are not smooth (uneven or wavy lines) and based on natural objects such as constellations.

Equator Monument
Equator Monument

This monument then underwent several stages of refinement. First, in 1930 the perfected part was in the pillars, circles along with arrows. Secondly, in 1938 it was refined again by Indonesian architect Frederich Silaban. In this refinement, the monument building consists of 4 belian wooden posts, each with a diameter of 0.3 meters, with the height of the front pillars as much as 2 pieces, as high as 3.05 meters above ground level and the height of the rear pillars where the circle and direction arrows as high as 4.4 meters. The stake is made of belian wood, a type of iron wood or ironwood.

Entering 1990-1991, a replica of the Equator Monument was built in the form of a permanently constructed protective building. This protective building is in the form of a dome and was inaugurated on September 21, 1991 by the then Governor of West Kalimantan, Parjoko Suryo Kusomo. The shape of this replica is 5 times bigger than the size of the original monument. Two front tongga with a diameter of 1.5 meters and a height of 15.25 meters above the ground. Then 2 pieces of the back of the circle where the direction of the circle and arrows with a size of 1.5 meters with a height of 22 meters from the ground with a length of direction arrows 10.75 meters.

In addition, there is a symbolic information in the form of an arrow indicating the north-south direction (latitude 0 ‘degrees). Description of the symbol in the form of a flat circle that reads evenaar (Dutch) which means the equator, showing the equatorial hemisphere or the northern and southern boundaries. While the plate under the direction of the arrow is written 109 degrees 20 ‘0 ” OLVGR, meaning that the equator in Pontianak City coincides with 109 degrees east longitude 20 minutes 00 seconds GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

Entering the room inside the Equator Monument, visitors will see photographs displayed on the walls of this building. These photos are from the 1930s until today. In addition there are also photos of visits of important figures from within the country and abroad to this monument. In addition, there is also an explanation of the knowledge of the world of astronomy, such as data on the earth, solar system, stars, moon, sun and galaxies. Relief paintings depicting Pontianak City and Equator Monument also adorn the walls in this building.
According to the manager of the Equator Monument, going forward, this monument will be developed with a variety of new facilities and buildings such as planetariums, five-star hotels, family recreation areas, water booms, sports centers, craft centers and souvenirs typical of West Kalimantan, to the pier for tourist boats .

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