Piso Surit Dance, Dance Inspired by Bird Chirping

Helloindonesia.id – This dance is one of the typical dances of the Karo Batak tribe. Usually this dance is performed to welcome the guests of honor in an event. This is the piso surit dance, one of the dances which has become the cultural wealth of the archipelago.

Piso surit dance is a dance that depicts a girl who is waiting for the arrival of her lover. The wait is depicted very long and sad and is described as a piso surit bird calling out.

Piso Surit Dance
Piso Surit Dance

In the Karo Batak language itself, piso means knife. This meaning makes many people think Piso surit is the name of a type of knife that is typical of the Karo Batak people. But actually, piso surit is a kind of bird that likes to sing.

In this dance, dancers consisting of several girls perform graceful dance moves. These movements are like describing a sad girl waiting for her lover.

Piso Surit Dance
Piso Surit Dance

In this dance, dancers perform movements up and down while occasionally stopping their fingers. In one movement they are pictured face to face accompanied by a song piso surit created by a composer from the Karo Batak named Djaga Depari.

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