Museum – If you want to see the ins and outs of Dayak culture that lives in West Kalimantan, this museum might be worth a visit. West Kalimantan Provincial Museum, a museum that holds a collection of typical Dayak tribes such as the house built, stumbling blocks, and various types of typical sculptures of the original tribe of Borneo.


 West Kalimantan Museum Location

The West Kalimantan Provincial Museum is located on Jalan Ahmad Yani, Pontianak, West Kalimantan. This museum is located right next to the West Kalimantan Arts Council Building. Entering the room in the museum, the nuances of Malay dayak culture were felt, ranging from special ornaments such as traditional Dayak wedding clothes, looms to traditional Dayak tribe equipment such as equipment for death and circumcision.

This museum is quite luxurious, has a two-story building which both function as an exhibition building that displays various types of collections owned by the museum. This museum has several rooms namely an introduction room that displays a number of collections such as geological collections in the form of rocks and biology in the form of skulls or human, plant, and animal skeletons.

In addition there is also the cultural space of West Kalimantan which includes 7 elements of culture such as religion and religious ceremonies, livelihoods, community organizations, technology and equipment, knowledge, arts, and languages. There is also a ceramic room that displays various types of ceramics such as jars, plates, bowls originating from West Kalimantan and foreign-made ceramics such as China, Vietnam and several other countries.

Museum History

The museum’s construction began in 1974. The official opening and opening of the museum was on October 4, 1983 by the Director General of Culture Ministry of Education and Culture. Since its inception, one of the visions of the establishment of this museum as an institution for the preservation and development of Culture and Tourism of West Kalimantan.

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