Randayan Island

Helloindonesia.id – This is one of the paradises of beauty in West Kalimantan. A deserted island that has white sand with exotic views typical of a private island. This is Randayan Island, an island located on the north coast of West Kalimantan.

Randayan Island
Randayan Island

Set foot on Randayan Island we are like being pampered with beautiful nature. In addition to its white sandy beaches, clear beach water and exotic open ocean views are the main attraction of this island.

Enchantment of the Underwater Islands of Randayan

For visitors who have a hobby of snorkeling, this island also has a charming underwater world. Underwater ecosystems that are still awake with beautiful coral reefs make snorkeling on this island enjoyable. Foreign tourists visiting the island do not want to miss the opportunity to snorkel on the island in the city nicknamed the Equatorial City.

For visitors who want to enjoy the views of Randayan Island for a longer time, around the island there are accommodations that can be rented. The rental rate is relatively affordable at around Rp.400,000 per night.

Based on information, Randayan Island has an area of ​​live coral cover of around 4.50 hectares, dead coral 3.69 hectares, seagrass 0.63 hectares, and 4.77 hectares of sand. With serving such conditions, it will attract anyone who has a hobby of snorkeling and diving to explore the exotic underwater beauty on this island.

How to get to Randayan Island

To set foot on Randayan Island, visitors can go through the Bay of Suak. The journey from Pontianak to Teluk Suak can be taken within 2.5 hours with a distance of about 115 km. This bay is 32 km from Singkawang City. From Teluk Suak, you can use a speedboat with a round trip fare (PP) of Rp. 150 thousand.

Alternatively, visitors can also use a motorboat or special boat. However, visitors must depart from the Pasir Panjang area. The tariff for using a special boat is Rp. 100 thousand round trip (PP). While the motorboat tariff is Rp. 30 thousand PP.

In the past, Randayan Island was a private island owned by individuals. But over time, this island turned into enchanting marine tourism. In addition to serving an exotic beach panorama, if lucky visitors also have the opportunity to see sea turtles that rise to the mainland to lay eggs.

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