Helloindonesia.id – This beach has a charming coastline. Not surprisingly, people who live on the western edge of the city of Padang, West Sumatra, like to go to the beach with a cool breeze and a charming panoramic sunset. This is Padang Beach, a beach located not far from the city center.

padang beach
padang beach

Padang Beach is known by the surrounding community by the name of Taplau. The name Taplau is an extension of but lauik. When interpreted into the Indonesian language means the edge of the sea.

Towards Padang Beach only takes 10 minutes from downtown. Its location on the edge of the road makes this beach very easy to find.

At dusk, Padang Beach offers a beautiful main course to watch. Watching the sun sink slowly as if swallowed by the high seas on Padang Beach made the experience at this beach so memorable. This panorama invites many people of the city of Padang and even out of town to visit Padang Beach.

In addition to the beauty of the sunset landscape, Padang Beach has a hill on its left. This hill protrudes towards the sea and is commonly called the surrounding community as Mount Padang.

Padang Beach is one of the destinations that must be visited when visiting the city of Padang. Not just playing with sand and enjoying the fresh breeze. Here you can also enjoy the culinary specialties of West Sumatra offered by street vendors around the Padang Beach area.

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