Helloindonesia.id – Gondariah beach at that time was very crowded with many people both from Pariaman and outside Pariaman who were present to witness a big celebration. Slowly two Tabuik made of rattan and bamboo paraded by a flock of men began to appear. The top of the tower-shaped tabuik is decorated with colorful fabric, while the lower part is in the form of a winged horse and a human-head symbolizing the buroq.


The names Husein and Hassan were occasionally heard cheering by the people present. Husein and Hassan were the grandchildren of the Prophet Muhammad SAW as well as Shiite leaders who were killed in Padang Karbala by Ubaidillah bin Zaid’s forces on 10 Muharam 61 Hijri (681 CE).

The Tabuik event is a reminder of the death of the Shiite leader. Husein bin Ali, who was killed while fighting with his small army. His body was carried by the buroq to disappear into the sky.

Tabuik starts at 1 Muharam. The beginning of the Tabuik process is to take land at the mouth of the river, paraded, making Tabuik then its peak at 10 Muharam Tabuik is dumped (flown) into the sea. This is a manifestation of how the buroq brought the body of Husein bin Ali.

The process of removing Tabuik begins in the city center. Tabuik consisting of two parts paraded, lifted, sometimes rotated towards Gondariah Beach. Arriving there, the two parts are united with the meaning of the buroq carrying Husein’s body.

Tabuik that has been united and then discarded, this means that the buroq has flown from the battlefield and brought it to the sky and disappeared.

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