Helloindonesia.id – There is something unique when crossing Jalan Ahmad Yani, Bukit Tinggi, West Sumatra. In an area that is familiar with the name of Kampung Cino there is a 90-meter long bridge with a width of 3.8 meters dangling. The people of Cino Village often refer to it as the Limpapeh Bridge, a bridge that is an icon of the pride of the City of Bukit Tinggi besides the Clock Tower.

Limpapeh Bridge
Limpapeh Bridge

Limpapeh Bridge was built in 1995 with a yellow and red color that looks dominant as its decoration. Made of steel, this bridge connects the Wildlife and Cultural Park of Kinantan with Fort Fort Kock.

At first glance, the Limpapeh Bridge looks not so attractive when viewed from below, but when trying to cross using the bridge, it feels vibrations and shakes that actually provoke adrenaline.

In the middle of the bridge, there is a traditional Minangkabau house design equipped with a gonjong at the edges. Typical minang carvings are also clearly seen when walking on a bridge using wood as a foundation.

In addition, what is interesting from the Limpapeh Bridge is, from this bridge the tourists can see the beautiful view of Bukit Tinggi City which is surrounded by hills and Mount Marapi.

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