Helloindonesia.id – The daily life of the farming community in Padang Panjang in the past cannot be separated from torches or suluah. Suluh is a traditional lighting device that is powered by kerosene. This tool is used by farmers in remote Minangkabau to illuminate their activities at night.

During the day, farmers are active in the rice fields until evening. When the maghrib call to prayer arrived, they flocked to the mosque to worship and study religious knowledge under the dim light of the torch accompanying them.

Piriang Suluah Dance
Piriang Suluah Dance

The hustle and bustle of the activities of these farmers became an inspiration for plate dance artists from Padang Panjang to create a new dance creation. The dance, which is named the plat toruluh dance (piriang suluah), is a development of classical plate dance which is one of the most popular types of traditional dance from Minangkabau.

What distinguishes it from the piriang suluah dance is the richer elements of the choreography which are richer because of the inserted themes. The theme of the life of the farming community seems to complement the tense acrobatic action that is characteristic in classical plate dance.

This dance movement visualizes various activities of the farmers while working on their paddy fields. Among these activities include climbing embankments, cutting reeds, weeding straw, tying buffalo and driving birds.

In addition, it also illustrates how traditional farmers also learn martial arts or silek Minangkabau silek. With agile and agile movements, the dancers performed various activities while not stopping playing with plates in both hands.

It is difficult to deny, the main attraction of this dance lies in the acrobatic action that is shown by the players. Play the game and skill to play the dishes have become a source of its own aesthetics of a plate dance.

Between these scenes is when the main dancer plays the plates in both hands while placing a torch on his head. In addition, another tense scene is when the players dance around through the footing path of a row of plates.

Next, a portion of the plate is broken in a large container and a player will dance while jumping swiftly on the broken plate.

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