Helloindonesia.id – Has it ever crossed your mind, enjoying a mixture of tea and eggs? It might sound a little strange, but in West Sumatra you can find it as one of the popular drinks. Minangkabau people call it egg tea or Talua tea. This tea can easily be found in many food stalls in West Sumatra. This drink has even existed in the Minangkabau culture for hundreds of years.

This drink has a soft texture with distinctive sweet and savory flavors. At first glance, it feels similar to tea mixed with milk or pull tea but feels more bubbly.

For those of you who can’t stand the fishy smell of egg yolks, you don’t need to worry, because this tea hardly feels the aroma and taste of egg yolk which is the main ingredient. In fact, the addition of egg yolks gives a savory taste that adds to the enjoyment of the tea served. These egg yolks are transformed into foam that floats on the top of the cup or glass that is the container.

Talua tea
Talua tea

The key to the enjoyment of this drink is in its unique compounding process. However, there is no truly standard formulation to define it. It can be said that each compounder has its own secret to eliminate the fishy taste that can emerge from eggs. In the end, repeated experiments in making this tea are ripening the techniques and shrewdness of the Talua tea mixers.

Compounders in one of the stalls on Jalan Nipah, Padang City, share a little secret of the concoction. First, the egg yolks are separated from the whites, then add two spoons of sugar and boiling water. The function of hot water is to remove the fishy taste from egg yolks. Next, beaten egg yolks until bubbly white and fluffy.

After the eggs turn into foam, pour boiling tea leaves boiled until the egg foam slightly overflowed. To add to the enjoyment of the taste, you can also add sweetened condensed milk.

A little bit of lime juice will add solid flavor and create a unique blend of sweet-savory-sour taste that is firmly enjoyed slowly. The lime juice also functions to remove the remaining fishy odor and adds flavor to this drink.

Talua tea is believed to be effective in generating energy and restoring stamina. Therefore, this drink is best served in the morning, although it is usually available at stalls or stalls throughout the day.

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