Vunja Ada Mpae, Local Wisdom of Toro Village Community
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Vunja Ada Mpae, Local Wisdom of Toro Village Community – The indigenous people of the archipelago still adhere to the traditions and culture as well as the cultural heritage of their ancestors. Both from the pattern of life and from various traditional rituals. Ngata Toro is a traditional village that still adheres to the traditions of its ancestors. Ngata Toro or Toro Village […]

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Dayak Weapon
Culture helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian Kalimantan Tribe West Kalimantan Art

Duhung Traditional Dayak Weapon – During this time, maybe the public is more familiar with the saber and machete as traditional weapons owned by the Dayak tribe. In fact, the tribe that inhabits the coast of Kalimantan has one more traditional weapon, the duhung. That said, this traditional weapon is believed to be the oldest weapon of the […]

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Kanayat'n Dayak
Culture helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian Kalimantan Tribe West Kalimantan Architecture Art

Betang House, Kanayat'n Dayak Culture and Tradition Center – Dayak tribe has its own architecture in making homes. The concept of a traditional Dayak house is usually very close to culture and nature. Like the Dayak Kanayat’n tribe, for example, which has houses with elongated architecture with elongated shapes with high columns. The traditional house has several names, among others, betang house, […]

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Melinting Lampung
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Traditions of Lampung Traditional Marriage “Melinting” – Broadly speaking, the indigenous people of Lampung are divided into two major adat groups, namely Pepadun and Saibatin (Peminggir). However, besides these two large groups, there are other traditional groups that have traditional trinkets and traditional rituals that are different from the two. One of them is Lampung Melinting people who live in […]

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Manggar Belitung community Coffee
Bangka Belitung Culture helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian Sumatra Tradition culinary

The tradition of drinking coffee in the Manggar Belitung – In Belitung, this area is famous as a gathering place for coffee connoisseurs. The Manggar community has long had a strong tradition of drinking coffee. They will gather in the stalls while enjoying a cup of coffee. Therefore, when visiting this area, it has become a common sight if stalls are crammed with […]

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Berebut Lawang
Bangka Belitung Culture helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian Sumatra Tradition Tribe

Fighting for Lawang, Believe in Belitung Marriage – If the Betawi community has a doorstop tradition. The Belitung people also have a tradition of fighting pantun which is usually called fighting over the lawang. Just like the doorstop, in this tradition the representative of the bridegroom must be brave to clash. With the bride in order to be given permission to […]

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Culture helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian Sumatra Travel Traveling Tribe West Sumatra Art

The story of the death of Husein bin Ali in Tabuik – Gondariah beach at that time was very crowded with many people both from Pariaman and outside Pariaman who were present to witness a big celebration. Slowly two Tabuik made of rattan and bamboo paraded by a flock of men began to appear. The top of the tower-shaped tabuik is decorated with colorful fabric, […]

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Culture helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian News Sumatra Travel Traveling West Sumatra culinary

Asem Pandeh Meat, Minang Special Spicy Sour Meat – Besides rendang, Padang also has one more special culinary namely meat pandeh acid. At a glance the meat in this culinary is the same as rendang which is brownish and has a little sauce. Matter of taste, this beef-based culinary is no less delicious than Rendang which is world-famous. Just like rendang, tamarind […]

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Ceremony Culture helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian Sumatra Tradition Tribe West Sumatra Art

The Meaning of Unity in “Tabuik Naik Pangkek” – Entering the last day of the Tabuik Festival, the scenery around Pariaman City is filled with people who want to witness the closure of one of the biggest festivals in West Sumatra. Yes, they want to witness one of the closing processions namely Tabuik Naik Pangkek. Tabuik Naik Pangkek is the process of […]

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Culture Indonesia Indonesian North Sumatra Sumatra Tradition Tribe Dance

Tandok Dance, Tradition in an art – Tandok is not just a bamboo knit container used to hold rice. More than that, Tandok represents an agrarian Batak tribe, maintains its traditional arts and culture, and has strong family ties among each other. This bamboo crochet container then inspired the creation of a traditional dance from North Tapanuli known as the […]

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