Melinting Lampung

Traditions of Lampung Traditional Marriage “Melinting” – Broadly speaking, the indigenous people of Lampung are divided into two major adat groups, namely Pepadun and Saibatin (Peminggir). However, besides these two large groups, there are other traditional groups that have traditional trinkets and traditional rituals that are different from the two.

Melinting Lampung
Melinting Lampung

One of them is Lampung Melinting people who live in Labuhan Maringgai District, East Lampung. The special characteristics of the Lampung people are that they are found in marriage rituals. In this marriage, there are three types of marriage systems, namely mesukum (beetle aji), ngakuk majau (donated), and ngibal serbou (mupakat tuha).

Mesukum is a marriage when the girl is brought to a man’s family to be asked if he is willing to marry. If you agree, the girl is delivered to her family. The procession then continued with the engagement. Ngukuk majau is a marriage when the girl is secretly taken to a man’s family, then the male family preaches the intention to marry the bride and groom with a procession taking place at the place of the male family.

Ngibal serbou is a marriage when both families have known each other and the engagement was preceded. Marriage begins with a procession of custom with the family of the man comes to the woman by bringing the completeness of certain customs (kanago).

All three marriage systems have almost the same procession – although there are differences in certain details. Towards or after the marriage contract, according to Islam. The bride and groom perform the procession of ngarakbetamat (khatam Quran) – the bride and groom read the verses of the Koran.

The greeting procession is a ritual. When the two families shake hands with each other as an apology if there is something lacking. The ritual of awarding titles to the bride and groom. The bride being given the title Adok while the bride being given the title Inai. Finally is the musek ritual, where the elders of the family feed the bride and groom the food.

The uniqueness of marriage in Lampung

Another thing that is unique about the Lampung Melinting wedding procession is the fashion. The bride’s dress in the form of a thin filter cloth, clothes brackets made of white brocade, jungsarat shawl, selapai, serti fur, and slippers. As for the bridegroom, he wore trousers, white shirts, spun fabrics, thick akin, bloated, doughed (keris), and slippers.

The bride uses a siger or a five-pronged bridal crown, with each branch having a tassel covering the girl’s face. Meanwhile, the bridegroom uses the golden skullcap as a tribute. In addition to the two accessories, the Melinting bridal couple also uses a necklace, a necklace board, a bird bracelet, and a canoe bracelet.

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