Helloindonesia.id – Besides rendang, Padang also has one more special culinary namely meat pandeh acid. At a glance the meat in this culinary is the same as rendang which is brownish and has a little sauce. Matter of taste, this beef-based culinary is no less delicious than Rendang which is world-famous.

Asem Pandeh Meat
Asem Pandeh Meat

Just like rendang, tamarind meat is usually also a main dish at traditional events in Padang such as weddings. Padeh acid itself has a spicy acid meaning because the spices of this culinary are dominated by chili. Besides being spicy, the sour taste from the meat comes from kandis acid. The combination of sour and spicy taste makes the meat so delicious when eaten.

Later this culinary experience developed by replacing the main ingredients of meat with fish and chicken. The replacement of these main ingredients is usually done according to the taste of the cook.

For those of you who want to enjoy this culinary, try visiting a restaurant in the land of Minang. You can easily find sour meat pandeh at the restaurant there. A plate of warm rice is the right friend to enjoy this one dish.

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