Dayak Weapon – During this time, maybe the public is more familiar with the saber and machete as traditional weapons owned by the Dayak tribe. In fact, the tribe that inhabits the coast of Kalimantan has one more traditional weapon, the duhung. That said, this traditional weapon is believed to be the oldest weapon of the Dayak tribe. Dayak people believe that duhung was created when humans did not yet exist in the world. Duhung is a weapon created by the ancestors of the Dayak tribe in the upper realms, heaven.

Dayak Weapon
Dayak Weapon

The first humans who had duhung were those who were believed to be ancestors of the Dayak tribe. In the beginning, only three people had duhung, namely Raja Sangen, Raja Sangiang, and Raja Bunu.

According to legend, the three kings have a different duhung. Raja Sangen’s duhung and Raja Sangiang are made of iron that can float. Meanwhile, Raja Bunu’s duhung is made of iron which cannot float. This type of duhung is commonly called sanaman leteng. Raja Bunu is believed to be a human who could die and die, and is believed to be one of the ancestors and ancestors of the Dayak tribe.

Weapons that range in size from 50-75 cm were used as hunting or farming tools. In its development, at this time duhung no longer functions as a weapon but an heirloom displayed or stored.

At first glance, the duhung looks like a spear. It’s just sharp on both sides. Dayak people usually tuck duhung in the front of the waist. This type of duhung is usually called duhung fortress.

According to the elders of the Dayak tribe, making duhung must be finished on an odd count. This is based on the belief that everything will be resolved or fulfilled by the Almighty.

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