Helloindonesia.id – Entering the last day of the Tabuik Festival, the scenery around Pariaman City is filled with people who want to witness the closure of one of the biggest festivals in West Sumatra. Yes, they want to witness one of the closing processions namely Tabuik Naik Pangkek.


Tabuik Naik Pangkek is the process of connecting tabuik parts into a unified whole by Nagari Pasa and Subarang. Usually the procession is done since 05.00 WIB after the Fajr prayer. The Tabuik Naik Pangkek procession became a series of 2013 tabuik festival cultural parties to commemorate Ashura Day or to coincide with 10 Muharram.

Tabuik Naik Pangkek itself has the meaning of unity. This procession symbolizes unity although it consists of various tribes, languages, religions, offspring but remains one unit. After the Tabuik Naik Pangkek procession was carried out, Tabuik was then taken into the City of Pariaman. This is done in order to perform the Tabuik hoyak procession which is the peak ritual in the Tabuik Festival. Finally, the tabuik is thrown into the sea before evening or before the Maghrib prayer comes.

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