Seluang Betebak Rice Homecoming, a form of gratitude for food prosperity

Seluang Betebak Rice Homecoming, a form of gratitude for food prosperity – Unlike the previous nights, the atmosphere of the seventh night of the Erau Festival was more lively. On that night, apart from the bepelas ritual, several special rituals were also carried out which were only held that night. One of these rituals is the rice betebak homecoming season. This festive procession which was full of laughter was carried out after the seventh ritual of combing the Lembuswana and Bepelas had been carried out.

During the homecoming, betebak rice is a ritual to throw rice at each other between the attendees who were present on the last night of the week. This ritual symbolizes gratitude for the gift of food prosperity given by the Creator to the Kutai Kartanegara Sultanate. Rice is used as a throwing tool because it is the staple food of the Kutai people so that it becomes a symbol of food prosperity. Apart from being a form of gratitude, through this ritual, it is hoped that the community’s harvest will increase in the future.

The procession of going home to betebak rice begins with the performance of the kanjur (or also known as kanjar) dance by the relatives of the Sultanate which is then followed by the guests. The kanjur dance is performed in layers that symbolize the life of the fish in the Mahakam River. The kanjur dance consists of two parts, namely the male kanjur which is performed by a line of men and the kanjur bini which is performed by a line of women. These two lines alternate the dance. After the male kanjur and kanjur bini are performed, it is carried out in concert by a pawang or elder who is then followed by sprinkling sri weja kuning rice to the audience.

The sprinkling of sri weja kuning rice marked the start of the rice behambur by the attendees as part of the rice betebak homecoming period. In every corner of the room, the Keraton has provided containers filled with rice for the attendees. All those present at the Stinggil Room (Siti Hinggil) Keraton will be involved in the procession, both as actors and targets. The Sultan, the Sultan’s elders, even the Regent of Kutai Kartanegara and other guests of honor were also swept away in the excitement of this procession. The ritual will end when the sound of the gamelan that accompanies the kanjur dance weakens and finally stops playing. [Ardee / IndonesiaKaya]

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