Serabai – In many areas on the island of Java, you can find a type of wet cake known as serabi. This snack market is identical to its round-convex shape with a blackish brown underside. This rice flour-based cake is usually served with brown sugar sauce or a savory oncom sauce. Around Bandung, West Java, you can find pancakes made with various other ingredients, such as eggs, sausages, banana slices, and even ice cream.

In East Kalimantan, especially the Kutai region, there is also a type of wet cake that is similar to serabi. The name for this cake is similar, serabai. Even though it uses rice flour as a basic ingredient, such as serabi, serabai has its own peculiarities that distinguish it from the wet cake from Java.

Compared to pancakes, serabai forms are relatively flat and wider. This shape makes them look more like a pancake or pancake. The top of the serabai is white with a soft texture, while the underside is blackish brown with a distinctive aroma from burning using a wood stove. When eaten, lemongrass has a savory taste that is not too strong.

Serabai is usually served wrapped in a folded sheet of banana leaf. When it will be eaten, this snack will be sprinkled with sugar to enrich its taste. The people of Kutai usually make lemongrass as one of their breakfast menus. [Ardee / IndonesiaKaya]

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