Helloindonesia.id – Besides being famous for its culinary rendang, West Sumatra is also famous for its cakes which become a market hawker that invites tastes to be tried. Names such as lompong sago, lupis sipuluik, are some typical types of traditional snacks that have the capital of this province in Padang.

Kacamuih sumatra
Kacamuih sumatra

There is one market snack that is also a typical culinary in Padang, which is kacimuih. Kacimuih is made from cassava mixed with grated coconut and a sprinkling of sugar on it. Uniquely, this glass has two choices of sugar sprinkles namely white sugar and brown sugar all of which can be chosen according to taste.

Matter of taste, your glass has a blend of savory taste of grated cassava and grated coconut combined with a mixture of white sugar on top. The sensation of enjoying the krenyes-krenyes texture when we are in our mouth makes enjoying this cake very enjoyable.

At a glance, this cake is similar to Ancemon and Thimus Betawi cakes. We often find them in Bukit Tinggi traditional markets. The price is quite affordable, this cake is usually sold at a price of Rp 3,000 to Rp 5,000. For you culinary lovers, if you visit Padang City, don’t forget to taste this cake.

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