Helloindonesia.id – Besides being known as a tourism object of the Clock Tower, West Sumatra also has an eco-tourism destination, the Turtle Conservation Center in Pariaman City. Here, we can see how the turtles that live in the Pariaman area are kept in captivity.

Getting to the conservation center located on Jalan Syeh Abdul Arif, Apar Village, North Pariaman District, West Sumatra, is not so difficult. From the Pariaman City Center, it only takes 10 minutes to get to this destination.

Once arrived at the center of this conservation, various types of hatchlings like welcomed our existence. There are several types of hatchlings that we can see here such as the turtle, green turtle, and hawksbill turtle. Since 2009 this turtle breeding ground has bred about 30,000 hatchlings. After passing through captivity, most of the hatchlings are then released into the sea.

To get closer and even want to touch the turtles, the UPTD Pariaman Turtle Conservation Center has several facilities that can be visited by visitors such as, the turtle nesting incubation room, hatchery, and quarantine room. The manager also provides information space for visitors who want to find out more information about the hatchlings in the conservation center.

Aside from functioning as a conservation center, the UPTD Pariaman Turtle Conservation Center is now also one of the eco-tourism objects. Not only tourists from Pariaman and Padang in general, but foreign tourists also make this tourist destination as one of the places they visit when they are in Pariaman.

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