Helloindonesia.idTabuik party has always been the most attention-grabbing event in West Sumatra. The event that has been going on since 1831 is a reminder of Ashura or the day of the death of Imam Hussein, grandson of the Prophet Muhammad who was the leader of the Shiites in Padang Karbala.

However, behind the festivity of the Tabuik Festival there was a group of people from two groups in Pariaman who made the tabuik namely the Pasar group and the Subarang group. Tabuik is an embodiment of a buroq that carries the body of Husein bin Ali flying into the sky and disappeared.


Tabuik was made together and involved historians and cultural experts. Not only that, usually in the making of tabuik also involved village community leaders. Society in groups and work hand in hand to create tabuik and parade him. Making this tabuik costs tens of millions of rupiah.

Tabuik is made by both places and consists of two parts, namely the top and bottom which can reach 15 meters in height. The upper part represents a tower-shaped coffin decorated with colorful flowers and velvet cloth. Meanwhile, the lower part of the body is shaped like a horse, with wings, tail and long-headed human head.

This horse is made of rattan and bamboo and covered with black velvet cloth and on its four legs there is a picture of a scorpion facing upwards. The horse is a symbol of the Buroq, a vehicle that has the ability to fly as fast as lightning and was used during Isra ‘Miraj of the Prophet Muhammad. That said, Buroq is believed to have brought Imam Hussein to heaven.

The center of Tabuik is in the form of a plot of arches, the size of which is getting bigger and bigger. In the gate attached a typical Minangkabau carving motif. At the bottom and top of the gate are bungo salapan or eight flower-shaped umbrellas with a paper base with carved or batik motifs.

At the top of the Tabuik is decorated with a large umbrella wrapped in a velvet cloth and decorative paper that also has a carving motif. On top of the umbrella is a white dove statue. Tabuik’s foot consists of four crossed wooden beams about 20 meters long. The blocks will later be used to carry and tear tabuik by about 100 adults.

In the past, during the tabuik party, a fight was usually held between residents from the Pasar and Subarang areas. In fact, there are several couples who separated and each returned to their original area in Subarang and the Market.

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