Berebut Lawang – If the Betawi community has a doorstop tradition. The Belitung people also have a tradition of fighting pantun which is usually called fighting over the lawang.

Just like the doorstop, in this tradition the representative of the bridegroom must be brave to clash. With the bride in order to be given permission to enter the house of the prospective wife.

The procedure for fighting the lawang

In fighting over the lawang, the bridegroom must pass three posts that have been made by the woman. First, when they were about to enter the bride’s yard, the male representative had been blocked by the bride’s representative. Here, the clash of rhymes has begun and usually contains rhymes. That introduce the prospective husband and family to the prospective wife.

Berebut Lawang
Berebut Lawang

Successfully passed the first post, the group was confronted again at the second post right in front of the bride’s house entrance. Just like in the first post. Here the male representative again confronted and launched a poem containing greetings to the owner of the house.

The third post or the last post that must be passed by the bride’s representative is in front of the bride’s room. Here, rhyme is launched again so that the bridegroom is given permission to enter the room to meet his future wife.

Not only launching rhymes, in every post, the bridegroom’s representative must also give ‘persuader money’ to the bride’s representative. This money is a condition for permission to pass through these posts. The money given does not belong to the bride. The money is used to help smooth the marriage.

Berebut Lawang
Berebut Lawang

By the bride’s representative, the ‘seducer money’ will be given to several parties. The ‘seducer money’ obtained in the home page will be given to the rice cook in the wedding. The ‘seducer money’ received in front of the house will be given to the chief of celebration. Finally, the ‘seducer money’ will be handed over to the bride and groom makeup artist or commonly called Mak Inang.

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