Pengadangan, Ogan – The archipelago community knows various traditions around marriage. Considering that marriage is an important thing and is considered sacred in the life cycle of humans. Including the Ogan people. This tribe who inhabits the highlands of South Sumatra. Is familiar with a tradition surrounding ancestral marriages called the “Pengadangan” tradition.

Pengadangan, Ogan
Pengadangan, Ogan

“Pengadangan” is a tradition surrounding Ogan tribal marriages. Which is carried out by blocking the groom by using a long scarf. To get past the shawl, the bridegroom and his entourage must fulfill whatever is asked by the bride.

“Pengadangan”, in addition to being a form of respect, is also carried out to strengthen friendship between two families, that will be united in a marriage. In the procession of “ambush”. The bridegroom will be accompanied by a tambourine tambourine, while not forgetting to bring various luggage desired by the bride.

At the time of “Pengadangan” it takes a spokesperson from the traditional stakeholders whose job is to lobby and convince the bride. After the agreement has been agreed by both parties, the procession is then continued with the marriage contract. After the marriage contract is pronounced, and the bride and groom have been legally valid in accordance with the country’s custom and law. The wedding party is then enlivened by the bride’s entertainer’s dance.

As the times change, the tradition of “Pengadangan” in Ogan Tribal marriages is rarely done. Even though there are many noble values ​​that can be taken from the customary procession, such as mutual respect, tightening the ties of friendship, and valuing women as respecting our own mother.

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