Raja Buaye's Konga

Helloindonesia.id – Konga Raja Buaye Ballet is a dance creation created from a legend of the people of Musi Rawas Regency, South Sumatra. The legend tells of the crocodile king who threatened the existence of the community in a hamlet in Musi Rawas. This crocodile king is the incarnation of a very beautiful princess.

Raja Buaye's Konga
Raja Buaye’s Konga

Then came a young man who had a very handsome appearance. Without bloodshed, the crocodile king was able to be conquered by the young man, until finally, the community was free from the threat of predators.

In terms of the costumes worn, the Konga Raja Buaye dance dancers are divided into three categories of roles, namely society, crocodiles, and handsome youth forces. Dancers who play the community wear the traditional clothing of South Sumatra women, while the crocodiles wear a crocodile-like mask complete with a protruding tongue and youth troops wear the traditional clothing of South Sumatra men, namely clothes brackets equipped with headbands.

While in terms of accompanying the music, the ballet was accompanied by the Malay Malay music which was produced from a combination of various musical instruments, both traditional and modern. Such instruments include, like, drum dolls, percussion, accordions, basses, guitars, drums, to organs.

As a dance performance adapted from a legend story, the Konga Raje Buaye ballet does not have a grip on dance moves. Dance moves are used only when there is a battle between the crocodile troops and the handsome youth forces. Konga Raja Buaye Ballet only wants to convey the universal message of the story of the legend of the crocodile king, namely whatever the reason the evil forces will always be defeated by the good forces.

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