Tebat Gheban

Helloindonesia.id – Flanked by Mount Dempo and Bukit Barisan makes Pagaralam a district in South Sumatra. That has many charming natural attractions. Moreover, its location at an altitude between 400-3000 meters above sea level. Makes this superior robusta coffee-producing district has a cool and beautiful temperature in the afternoon.

Tebat Gheban
Tebat Gheban

Besides being famous for its waterfalls and mountain tourism, Pagaralam also holds another beauty, which is a lake. One of the most well-known lakes in the Pagaralam community is Tebat Gheban. Located about 7 km from the center of the City of Pagaralam, Tebat. Commensurate with the word lake in Indonesian stores another beauty of Earth’s exotica besemah.

In general, Tebat Gheban is a natural lake which has an area of ​​around 3 hectares with a depth of up to 12 meters. By late afternoon, the lake will be enlivened by sports enthusiasts fishing. The anglers will line up along the banks of the lake complete with their fishing equipment. Zafran, one of the anglers said, mujaer fish is a fish that is often targeted by anglers.

In addition to fishing activities, another sight that can be found at Tebat Gheban is the activity of shrimp farmers. Afternoon is their schedule to take the net that was previously installed. This unique shaped net, called Tangkul, will catch shrimp.

Unique of the Lake

Besides fish, there are also many shrimp in Ghatan Tebat. Shrimp catches from the fishermen will then be sold, but if the results obtained are only a little, the shrimp will only be a personal consumption. Muhtar, one of the shrimp catchers in Tebat Gheban revealed, each year the catch of the shrimp is reduced, this is because many irresponsible people who like to throw garbage into the lake.

Surrounded by pine trees, Tebat Gheban has a beautiful view, in the afternoon the sunlight will glow on the water that flows calmly, while the sound of birds muttering from the trees. Not surprisingly, many people arrive in the afternoon just to enjoy the atmosphere, or to exercise by running around the lake on the trail.
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