Lake Ranau Legend dance – The Lake Ranau is one of the largest lakes in South Sumatra formed by volcanic earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The lake that has a beautiful view is administratively located between South Ogan Kemering Ulu Regency and West Lampung. This location is surrounded by hills and trees. Making the temperature of the lake tends to be cool and beautiful.

Lake Ranau Legend dance
Lake Ranau Legend dance

The existence of Ranau cannot be separated from a legend. The people of South Sumatra are familiar with folklore. Which is told from generation to generation about the legend of the creation of Lake Ranau. The legend tells of a village called Ranau. In the village there is a tall tree similar to Mount Seminung. The local community believes that the tree is able to cure various diseases.

Although it is believed to be able to cure various diseases. Palm trees cannot be taken and utilized by the surrounding community. Bearing in mind that there are flocks of powerful and ferocious eagle birds. Hearing the people’s complaints about it. A powerful and brave young man then went to the palm tree and killed the eagle. Without thinking, the young man then pulled the palm tree from the ground. Unwittingly, swift water flowed out and flooded into Lake Ranau.

History of Lake Ranau Legend Dance

Based on the legend. The creation of a dance creation from the South Oku Regency called the Legend of Lake Ranau dance. The creation of this creative dance was performed by three women and three men wearing traditional clothes. That have been modified without leaving the impression of regionalism itself. This can be seen from the use of songket cloth as the dominant material for making clothes.

The dance moves of the Legend of Lake Ranau tend to be energetic based on the strength of the feet and hands. In certain parts, the dancers form paired formations that symbolize the joy of the Ranau people. Energetic dance moves are accompanied by stomping music which comes from the combination of the sound of drums and other musical instruments. The strings of the chords complement music and further enhance and distinctive characteristics of Sumatran Malay music.

The adaptation of the Lake Ranau legend to the creation of dance creations is not without cause. It certainly aims to reintroduce one of the natural beauties of the archipelago. In addition, another goal is to maintain the folklore about Lake Ranau. Which has been inherited and is often told from generation to generation. One of the most important is the efforts of future generations to want to preserve and preserve Lake Ranau. As a form of gratitude to God for creating a speck of beauty in the land of South Sumatra.

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