Naras Traditional Embroideries Entering the International Market – Embroidery is one of the mainstays of the economic sector in Kota Pariaman. Talking about this embroidery craft, it is incomplete if you don’t mention the name of a village that is the center of its production. The name of the village is Naras or Nareh in the local dialect.

For decades, Naras has been a supplier of various types of superior quality embroidery crafts to various parts of West Sumatra to neighboring countries such as Malaysia.

Naras Traditional Embroideries
Naras Traditional Embroideries

Naras is located in the District of North Pariaman, Kota Pariaman, about 5 kilometers from the city center. The villagers run a traditional embroidery craft business for generations. This makes the embroidery motifs made by craftsmen very neat, detailed, and the quality is maintained even though made manually.

It is not surprising then that the work of Naras craftsmen is loved by many consumers in other areas such as Bukittinggi, Padang, Payakumbuh, Dumai, and Pekanbaru. In fact, currently spread to Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia, and Singapore.

According to information from the Pariaman City Industrial Office, the making of embroidery in Naras existed around the 1960s. At that time, embroidery made by the community was still limited to traditional Minangkabau embroidery motifs that are commonly used in wedding dresses and shawls.

As the market reach of Naras craftsmen grew, a variety of types and motifs were enriched. Now the embroidery products at Naras are even more varied, ranging from bridal clothing, dresses, scarves, Muslim clothing, mukena, bed covers, sandals, to various types of bags available there.

In the midst of the increasingly sophisticated onslaught of embroidery technology, the quality of the Naras craftsmen’s embroidery remains irreplaceable. The motifs with perfect detail workmanship are done well by Naras craftsmen, so as to produce high-value products.

Not surprisingly, the process can take months to complete. As an illustration, a woman’s canal dress with shawl accessories which can be sold for three months at a price range of Rp. 3-5 million per set.

The main market for handicraft products from Naras is Bukittinggi City. From this city these embroidery products then spread to other areas. Therefore, if you are interested in having embroidery from Naras, try to stop in Bukittinggi. But if you are curious as to what the beauty of embroidery Naras, it never hurts if you go directly to Naras and try to choose this distinctive Minangkabau embroidery product.

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