Helloindonesia.id – The development of the Minangkabau art museum on earth seems to have never ceased despite the changing times. In addition to the traditional dances that have survived to this day, new dance forms have emerged.

One of the new creation dances of Minangkabau dance choreographers is dance. The dance is a masterpiece of the creative process of dance artists from South Solok District. Fun dance draws inspiration from the youthful energy and energy of teenage girls in Minangkabau. In a lively gesture, the dancers try to convey the feeling to the audience.

Fun Dance
Fun Dance

The fun dance symbolizes the daily activities of the young people of Minangkabau who are full of joy. This is visually interpreted with a group of girls dancing in pairs. In fast-paced rhythms, the girls rotate, move back and forth, stepping back and forth. Not to mention, a small smile accompanied their movements throughout the dance. It is as if they want to emphasize the beauty that is trying to convey to the audience.

The fast-moving rhythm of the dance is shaped by the fast-paced musical composition that accompanies it. The accompaniment of this dance is a combination of the sound of traditional and modern musical instruments.

Some of the instruments used include drums, drums, accordions, buses, and drums. Among some of these instruments, talongong plays a dominant role in shaping the tempo. While the accordion serves to give the dance a dynamic melody.

As if to answer the demands of the times, this new creation dance combines classic choreography characters with contemporary art elements to create a more fresh and accessible work in today’s society. The process of developing this creative dance has given it a new color that further enriches the treasury of cultural assets of the Minangkabau community.

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