Helloindonesia.id – Besides rendang, Padang satay is probably the second most popular food from the Minangkabau earth. The savory slices of beef combined with the strong aroma of the spices in the thick seasoning become a strong temptation that is difficult to resist by culinary lovers.

Served complete with pieces of rhombus and fragrant scent of fried onions, in an instant this dish will arouse your appetite. But did you know that this Minangkabau satay has several variants?

Minangkabau Satay
Minangkabau Satay

The term sate padang is actually a misguided mention for all types of satay from Minangkabau by most lay people. Broadly speaking, Minangkabau distinctive satay is actually divided into two variants based on regional origin. The two variants are satay from the highlands or called darek (land) and satay from coast (pasisia).

Satay from each of these regions can be characterized by the color of the seasoning sauce used. The difference in the color of the seasoning sauce from the darek and coastal areas is due to the composition of the spices used.

One area that can represent the character of the sate origin of the Minangkabau coast is Pariaman. The satay from Pariaman is characterized by its red-brown marinade sauce. The distinctive color comes from the chili composition that is more dominant in the spice mixture used in the seasoning sauce. This makes satay from Pariaman has a spicy flavor that is stronger than satay from regions that include areas such as Payakumbuh, Bukittinggi and Batusangkar.

Like satay from Minangkabau in general, Pariaman satay is made from sliced ​​beef that has been boiled. The pieces of meat that have been skewered and then burned briefly and served in a thick sauce sauce bath.

The main component of the satay seasoning is not peanuts as is the common characteristic of satay originating from various regions in Java. This satay seasoning is made from spices that are mashed and mixed with rice flour then cooked until thickened.

The Pariaman community believes that the unique characteristics of coastal satay originate in their area. This is quite reasonable, because it can indeed be said that the coastal satay found in overseas areas or outside Sumatra is generally formulated by nomads from Pariaman. One other argument, the characteristics of satay in the transition between land and coastal areas such as Padang Panjang.

Some of the famous satay stalls in Padang Panjang were founded by nomads from Pariaman. Satay in this region has a lighter flavor flavor than Pariaman satay because it adapts to the tastes of people from Darek.

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