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Festival Erau Tenggarong. 3
Ceremony Culture East Kalimantan helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian Kalimantan Tradition Tribe Dance

The Cool Erau Tenggarong Festival – In the middle of every year, precisely in June, the City of Tenggarong, Kutai Kartanegara Regency, East Kalimantan becomes very crowded. Why is it crowded? The reason is that in that month a festival called the Erau Festival is often held. Erau itself comes from the Kutai language, which is eroh which means […]

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Pontianak Mujahidin
Culture helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian Kalimantan Religion West Kalimantan Architecture

Pontianak Mujahidin Mosque,The Da'wah Center – This mosque stands firmly in Pontianak City Center. This mosque is also a landmark of the city nicknamed the Equatorial City. This is the Mujahiddin Mosque, which was inaugurated in January 2015 by the President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, in the renovation of its construction. Masjid Raya Mujahidin is the largest mosque in […]

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Culture Indonesia Indonesian Sumatra West Sumatra Art

Naras Traditional Embroideries Entering the International Market – Embroidery is one of the mainstays of the economic sector in Kota Pariaman. Talking about this embroidery craft, it is incomplete if you don’t mention the name of a village that is the center of its production. The name of the village is Naras or Nareh in the local dialect. For decades, Naras […]

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Aceh Culture helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian Tradition culinary

Keukarah, a typical snack of Tanah Rencong – Aceh is an area in the archipelago that has a strong culinary tradition. Similarly, in the case of light snacks or snacks. One of the traditional snacks of Aceh that still survives until now is cake or karuk keukarah. This sweet and crispy cake is the right companion when you relax while enjoying […]

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Enjoy Ujong Batee Beach Peace – One of the beaches that deserve to be your tourist destination if you are in Aceh is Ujong Batee Beach. This beach is in the middle of the route from Banda Aceh to the Port of Malahayati. Located approximately 17 kilometers to the east of Banda Aceh, this beach can be reached within […]

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Pantai Tanjung Aan dari atas bukit. (Foto:
Ceremony Culture helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian Lombok News Tradition Travel Traveling Tribe

Tanjung Aan Beach, Beautiful Enchantment of Mandalika – The beach is located in the Mandalika Region, Central Lombok, NTB has a uniqueness, namely the texture of the sand. Some of the sand on Tanjung Aan Beach is white and has a soft texture like flour. Some are yellowish with a round shape resembling peppercorns. Therefore, this charming beach has been nicknamed […]

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Culture helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian South Sulawesi Tribe Art

Typical Enchantment of Ternate Weaving – Ikat woven cloth is a type of old cloth that has been known in Indonesia since ancient times. Almost every region of Indonesia has its own woven fabric. Starting from the region of West to East Indonesia has its own characteristics in the woven fabric. Woven fabrics usually have prices that are not […]

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Culture helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian yogyakarta Architecture

Ijo Temple, The Beauty of a Hindu Temple Located at Altitude

The Ijo Temple complex is part of the Prambanan Temple group. Formerly, this temple was a place of worship of the Shiva Muslims. Judging from his profile, most likely this temple was built in the VIII-X M century, precisely during the Medang or Mataram Hindu kingdom. In other words, this temple is more than 1000 […]

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Ulap Doyo, Dayak Benuaq Tribe Woven Fabric in East Kalimantan – The weaving of doyo has been designated as an intangible cultural heritage of Indonesia since 2013. This traditional weaving developed by the Benuaq Dayak tribe is one of the priceless wasteland of the archipelago. Doyo ulap weaving has a special quality. Weaving is also environmentally friendly because it is made from natural ingredients. […]

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helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian News Other Tips Traveling yogyakarta

7 best hotel recommendations in Yogyakarta – Yogyakarta is a city with a variety of amazing tourist attractions, from natural, cultural and historical tourism. well surely this attracts many tourists or domestic tourists who want to visit. well this time we will tell some hotels that make you feel at home while on vacation in Yogyakarta. of course we choose […]

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