Helloindonesia.idAceh is an area in the archipelago that has a strong culinary tradition. Similarly, in the case of light snacks or snacks. One of the traditional snacks of Aceh that still survives until now is cake or karuk keukarah. This sweet and crispy cake is the right companion when you relax while enjoying a cup of coffee typical of Tanah Rencong.

keukarah cemilan manis
keukarah cemilan manis

At first glance, the physical appearance of the sky is like a brownish white coated net. The shape is at a glance similar to dried vermicelli, because it is made from the same ingredients as vermicelli, namely rice flour. However, the color is darker, with a distinctive aroma of caramel, which arises from the sugar added in the dough. The combination of these two ingredients makes these cookies have a crispy texture and sweet taste.

The process of making keukarah is quite simple. Rice flour is diluted with water and added with sugar. The mixture has been mixed evenly and then put into molds from hollow coconut shells. The dough that comes out of the mold hole is immediately accommodated in hot oil while continuing to shake to form overlapping tissue. The manufacturing process requires high agility because this dough is easily charred if heated for too long.

Keukarah can easily be found at a typical Aceh souvenir stall in Banda Aceh. Keukarah can also be found around a historic tourist attraction, Rumah Cut Nyak Dhien, which is located on the highway from Banda Aceh to Lampuuk / Meulaboh. This snack, also called ‘bird’s nest cake’ (eumpueng miriek), was originally developed on the west coast of Aceh. Apart from Aceh, snacks similar to Keukarah can also be found in West Sumatra, but not as popular as in Aceh.

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