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Helloindonesia.id – One of the beaches that deserve to be your tourist destination if you are in Aceh is Ujong Batee Beach. This beach is in the middle of the route from Banda Aceh to the Port of Malahayati. Located approximately 17 kilometers to the east of Banda Aceh, this beach can be reached within 20 minutes of travel using private vehicles.

Helloindonesia photo
Helloindonesia photo

Ujong Batee Beach is on the coast of Aceh Besar in the northeast. Visiting this beach, you will get a soothing silence atmosphere, accompanied by the beauty of the Malacca Strait.

In Acehnese, “ujong batee” means stone tip. This name was given because from this beach visitors can see Pulau Weh like a boulder at the end of the ocean. Ujong Batee Beach is indeed facing an island which according to a legend blends with the Sumatra mainland.

There are many reasons for you to stop by this beach. One of them is a wide coastline. Visiting this beach, even during the holiday season, you will still feel roomy and calm.

A gentle sea breeze accompanied the sound of waves. This beach is an ideal place for poachers. Pine trees along the beach make the atmosphere calmer.

Some say black-colored sand on this beach has medical properties. Sand Beach Ujong Batee is believed to be used for the treatment of bone disease and paralysis. In addition, soaking the body limited to the neck with warm sand is believed to make the body fresh. Although there has been no medical evidence to support all of that, for some people the benefits of health therapy they have felt themselves.

Besides offering beautiful beaches and a calm atmosphere, this beach is also a suitable place for hunters of delicious food. Ujong Batee Beach is included in the Kreung Aceh region which is famous for seafood caught by local fishermen. Therefore, visiting this beach, you can taste large crabs, tiger prawns, oysters, and various types of delicious reef fish.

One of the menus that you should try if you visit this beach is fried grouper fish or Keueung Sour Cook accompanied by a cold broth. Guaranteed, your vacation will be more perfect. Moreover, the price offered will not make you spend deeply.

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