Dendam Tak Sudah Lake in Bengkulu
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Dendam Tak Sudah Lake Bengkulu – From its name, it can be guessed that the lake located in the districts of Teluk Segara, Selebar, Gading Cempaka (Bengkulu City) and Talang Empat District (North Bengkulu Regency) has a tragic story behind it. It is believed, the lake which is on an area of ​​112.2 hectares is related to the legend […]

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Harau Valley
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Harau Valley the awesome natural attractions – No doubt, the nature of West Sumatra presents a variety of natural tourism wealth that is worth considering as one of the destinations for holiday destinations. The Harau Valley is one example that might adequately represent why the Minangkabau earth is worth considering. Located about 145 kilometers from the center of Padang City […]

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Sianok canyon
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Panorama of Sianok canyon from Bukittinggi – Bukittinggi is famous as a highland city surrounded by hilly natural contours. Natural conditions around the city is a blessing for this city with cool air. In addition to being blessed with fertile land, the city has a very beautiful natural panorama in almost all directions. Making it an attraction to the tourism […]

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Ampangan Peak
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Panorama of Ampangan Peak at the foot of Mount Sago – The undulating contours of the region make a gift for Payakumbuh City. The beauty of the natural panorama of many presented around the third largest city in West Sumatra Province. One of them is the Ampangan panorama located in Kenagarian Aur Kuning, Ampangan Village, South Payakumbuh. Surrounded by a beautiful, green environment, the […]

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Anai Valley
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Anai Great valley on Padang-Bukittinggi Route – Exploring West Sumatra through Padang Panjang, Bukit Tinggi, Batu Sangkar will be seen serving natural scenery in the form of a waterfall. Lembah Anai’s name, a masterpiece of the Creator that will make every eye amazed when he saw it. When passing, only a few meters from the shoulder of the road, each […]

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Maninjau Lake
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Maninjau Lake, the Legendary Lake in Agam – The natural beauty of West Sumatra is fully summarized in the Minangkabau land. From the charming beaches, amazing stretch of canyons and valleys, natural contour decoration in the form of mountains and hills and not to forget, the beauty of the stunning lakes. No doubt, one of the lakes in West Sumatra that […]

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Banana Island
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Small Banana Island, A Place to Escape One Footbath – In addition to the Malin Kundang stone, Air Manis Beach holds another attraction that can be explored. On the north side of this beach there is a small island called Pulau Pisang Kecil. At first glance, it feels normal to see this small island from the edge of the beach, just like other […]

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Enjoy Ujong Batee Beach Peace – One of the beaches that deserve to be your tourist destination if you are in Aceh is Ujong Batee Beach. This beach is in the middle of the route from Banda Aceh to the Port of Malahayati. Located approximately 17 kilometers to the east of Banda Aceh, this beach can be reached within […]

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sumur donggala
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Giant Well in Donggala Sulawesi – If you have been thinking that wells can only be found at home and are only used as sources and water reservoirs, try to visit the unique wells which are one of the natural wonders in Simbe Hamlet, Limboro Village, Banawa Tengah District, Donggala Regency, This Central Sulawesi Province. Yes, this natural wonder […]

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merese hill
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Bukit Merese Lombok, Sunset Terbaik di lombok – Located beside Tanjung Aan Beach, Merese Hill offers its own beauty that is very charming. No wonder the hill has become one of the mainstays of natural tourism in the Mandalika region. Unlike Rinjani, it doesn’t require much effort to climb it. There are no difficult tracks. It also doesn’t take long. Only […]

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