Anai Valley – Exploring West Sumatra through Padang Panjang, Bukit Tinggi, Batu Sangkar will be seen serving natural scenery in the form of a waterfall. Lembah Anai’s name, a masterpiece of the Creator that will make every eye amazed when he saw it.

Anai Valley
Anai Valley

When passing, only a few meters from the shoulder of the road, each driver will witness the beauty of the water that was shed from a high cliff. Not infrequently the driver chooses to stop for a moment, rest while enjoying the beauty of the Anai Valley Waterfall.

Anai Valley Waterfall is administratively included in the Nagari Singgalang area, Sepuluh Koto District, Tanah Datar District. This waterfall is part of the Batang Lurah river that tipped over Singgalang Mountain.

Maybe not many people know that this waterfall on the side of the road is just one of the seven waterfalls that are owned by the Anai Valley Nature Reserve. In addition to this nature reserve area, we can take a trekking trip for about 2 hours to be able to see the six other waterfalls.

To be able to watch the other six waterfalls, visitors are required to walk along the Anai Valley nature reserve for approximately two hours. If you are tired, it never hurts to pull over for a while and observe the charm of nature for longer. Admiration will increase when watching the natural landscape that surrounds this beautiful waterfall.

Anai Valley
Anai Valley

Rows of green hills at the foot of Mount Singgalang became a natural wall that seemed to want to hide the exoticism of a waterfall as high as approximately 35 meters. Look also at the old train tracks winding past on the highway, which is located not far from the position of the waterfall. The composition of the natural scenery becomes a paradise for those who like to travel in the open.

Not surprisingly, traffic to this region is always crowded when the holiday season arrives. Many people from outside the area do not just pass by, but feel obliged to stop by and enjoy the natural beauty of the Anai Valley.

This condition encourages the emergence of various tourism support facilities around the Anai Valley, such as large parking lots, souvenir stalls, restaurants, to lodgings. As its development, the waterfall area is not only a mere stopover but has developed into one of the leading tourism destinations in West Sumatra.

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