sumur donggala – If you have been thinking that wells can only be found at home and are only used as sources and water reservoirs, try to visit the unique wells which are one of the natural wonders in Simbe Hamlet, Limboro Village, Banawa Tengah District, Donggala Regency, This Central Sulawesi Province. Yes, this natural wonder is called the Donggala Sea Center, also known as a giant well because it has a large hole with a diameter of up to 10 meters. The depth of the water inside the sea center is about five meters, but it is never certain because it is affected by the tides. The ebb and flow of sea water greatly affects the depth of the water because the water source from its own center is sourced from the high seas.

sumur donggala
donggala well

The giant well which is one of the mainstay attractions in Donggala Regency is always crowded with people and tourists. To reach this tourist attraction, visitors can travel as far as 55 km from the city of Palu. Swimming in this giant pool is a must for visitors. But unique again, the water that is in the center of the sea is never murky even though it is always busy used for swimming.

Pusentasi, that’s how the surrounding community knows this one tourist attraction. The presentation in Indonesian means sea center. Named the center of the sea because there is a hole that connects this giant well with the beach which is approximately five hundred meters from the location of the well. But the hole was not seen anymore because it was covered by rocks that surround the center of the sea. From the top of the well, visitors can see the depth and bottom of the sea center, and the fish that swim in it. So you can imagine how clear the water from the Donggala Sea Center is.

From the location of the Donggala Sea Center, visitors can also enjoy views of the famous Donggala Beach with its fine white sand. Around the Pusentasi location there are also several food stalls and lodging facilities that make it easy for visitors who want to spend more time in one of the mainstay attractions of this Central Sulawesi Province. Swimming or just feeling the freshness of the seawater that is contained in the Donggala Sea Center is a must when you visit the Donggala region, Central Sulawesi.

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