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Helloindonesia.id – Indonesia as the largest archipelago in the world has 13,662 islands, stretching as far as 3.5 million miles from west to east. As an archipelago, Indonesia’s outer islands have a vital role in determining the boundaries of the country’s sovereignty. This is what makes the symbols of geographical markers along the Indonesian sea border very important. One of the markers is at the northern end of Weh Island, the Zero Kilometer Monument in West Indonesia.

HHello Indonesia image shoot
Sabang Monument

This monument was inaugurated by Vice President Tri Sutrisno, on 9 September 1997. The inauguration inscription is still installed on the ground floor, right facing a 50 cm diameter concrete slab right in the middle of the room.

On the second floor of the monument there are two other inscriptions mounted on concrete shaped boxes that show the zero geographic coordinate measurement methods by BPPT experts. At the top of the monument stands the statue of Garuda Pancasila holding the number zero with his feet.

Technically, actually the coordinates of the westernized point of Indonesia are on Rondo Island, which is at coordinates 6 ° 4 ’30 “LU, 95 ° 6′ 45” East. Because the island is empty and more difficult to access, a monument to the Indonesian western point is built on the northernmost side of Sabang Island. The exact location is in Iboih Ujong Ba’u Village, Sukakarya District. The area around this monument is included in the Sabang Tourism Forest area.

This monument is approximately 5 km from Iboih Beach (Teupin Layeu) which is very popular among foreign backpackers. The trip to the monument crosses uphill and winding paths which can be taken in about 10-15 minutes from Iboih.

Along the way sometimes we can still find wild animals such as snakes, monkeys, dogs and wild pigs that are still free to roam. On the left side of the road, we will cross the Air Force’s Special Forces post (Paskhas) which is the frontline for the defense of the Republic of Indonesia at the border.

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