Helloindonesia.id – Cah Rimba is a tradition of the people of Aceh related to the clearing of arable land. The land to be cultivated certainly does not open wildly, but has been regulated by adat based on Islam. Village officials (geuchik) and people who understand forestry issues or commonly called petua uten also play an active role in negotiating and taking into account the selection of land to be tilled. Thus, land clearing does not disturb the ecosystem and harm the community.

tari cah rimba
Cah rimba dance

This tradition, which has long been rooted in Aceh‘s culture, has inspired the birth of dance creations of the same name. The Cah Rimba dance tries to redefine the process of land clearing, starting from the preparation to the distribution of arable land. At the beginning, the Cah Rimba dance tells the story of the gampong (village) people who live in harmony. The men are then described as being busy preparing tools used for land clearing purposes. Meanwhile, the women prepare food for those who work to clear the land.

Arriving in the forest, the elder led the prayer. They asked God to open land smoothly. After that, the process of land clearing was begun in a mutual cooperation.

To add to the dramatic element, the creation of this creation also illustrates the land clearing process that does not go smoothly according to plan. In the middle of the performance, a dancer who was symbolized as a wild animal appeared. The animal is trying to disrupt the process of land clearing. A woman then manages to drive away the animal using weeds or the so-called seumalo.

After the land has been cultivated, the geuchik together with the North Sumatra share land fairly, which is then used as farm land. Land that has been distributed is limited by using a midrib or also known as hanging situek.

The Cah Rimba dance is a dance created by young people performed by 10 dancers, consisting of six men and four women. The dancers wear brightly colored brackets with Aceh-style ornaments. The dancers’ attire for men and women are basically the same, the only difference being the head. If the dancer wears a head covering, the dancer wears a headband.

The Cah Rimba dance illustrates the local wisdom of Aceh‘s indigenous people in the process of opening arable land. More than just dance performances, in the creation of this creation, stored cultural wealth of the archipelago. The Cah Rimba dance should be appreciated and preserved, so that the arts remain and culture is maintained.

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