Dendam Tak Sudah Lake in Bengkulu – From its name, it can be guessed that the lake located in the districts of Teluk Segara, Selebar, Gading Cempaka (Bengkulu City) and Talang Empat District (North Bengkulu Regency) has a tragic story behind it. It is believed, the lake which is on an area of ​​112.2 hectares is related to the legend of a young couple who committed suicide by throwing themselves into the lake because of their love affair that did not get the blessing of the girl’s parents.

Dendam Tak Sudah Lake in Bengkulu
Dendam Tak Sudah Lake in Bengkulu

Unlike the legend that is widely believed by the public, another story circulating is mentioned that in the Dutch period, the lake was made and made more orderly. But unfortunately after independence its construction was abandoned. Aside from being a tourist area, this lake is also used as a conservation area that protects various biodiversity, water sources for irrigation, water reserves, and also as a medium of natural learning for scientific purposes.

Biodiversity in this lake can be seen from the many flora and fauna in the lake area. Noted pencil orchids, sun orchids, such as sun orchids, daffodils, nipah, pulai, swamp, stretched, plawi, brosong, gelam, ferns and cyclic inhabited recorded inhabit this lake area. Meanwhile, various fauna found here include long-tailed macaques, langurs, finches, wild boar, python, gibbons, snails and various types of fish including rare fish such as kebakung and palau.

This lake is also suitable as a recreation area choice, in addition to a retribution price of only Rp 1,500.00 per person, here are also several lodges that offer various types of food including Bengkulu specialties such as belly pops, plates and also Tat cakes. To reach the location of this lake, you can travel as far as 5 km from Bengkulu city center using public transportation via the Panorama terminal.

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